Restore Banking Privileges
A dispute for Removal from the ChexSystems® database can help you to restore your banking privileges.
We Help You Solve The Puzzle
Solving the puzzle of your listed information in the ChexSystems® database can be tough. Work with a team of professionals that can help you properly dispute your listed information for removal.
Restore Check Card Privileges
Restore your check card privileges by disputing listed to be removed from the ChexSystems® database today. Regain a check card to use for every day items.
Dispute Chexsystems® For Removal Today.
Join The thousands we've already helped with their disputes for removal from the ChexSystems® database. Contact the consumer services dispute department today for fast and effective assistance with your ChexSystems® reporting issues.

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Contact Consumer Services today for assistance in disputing inaccurately reported information in the "ChexSystems database" under your name. Contact Consumer Services for guidance in restoring your banking privileges.

ChexSystems® Dispute Assistance

  • Dispute For Removal From The ChexSystems Database

    At Consumer Services, we specialize in assisting consumers with their dispute for removal of inaccurate negatively reported information on their ChexSystems Consumer Report. Any negative information in the Chex Systems, Inc. database can prohibit the opening of new checking or savings accounts, approval of loan applications, and can create negative credit score ratings. Stop wasting your time with "non ChexSystems" second chance banks that typically have high fee for opening and depositing money. Start your dispute for removal from the ChexSystems database today.
  • The Experence You Need

    With more then 40 year of experience in the consumer services industry Consumer Service Group provides the ability to successfully navigate the dispute process to solve your negatively reported issues quickly. Our experience provides us with the resources, and expertise that is necessary to properly dispute the listed information in the Chex Systems, Inc. database. Make sure to work with a trusted company to help you resolve the issues you are having, our company has a top BBB rating and has been in business since 2007 we ensure that your dispute of the the inaccurate information listed information in the ChexSystems database goes smoothly.
  • Regain Checking Privileges

    Checking and savings accounts are mishandled daily, but this does not mean that you are at fault for some of the many harsh infractions that are usually listed under a consumer file in the Chex Systems, Inc. database. ChexSystems only allows member institutions to access this information in order to assist in assessing the risk of opening new accounts. Only those affiliated with with this database will be able to view any information available. Consumer Services is the only company with a safe, efficient, reliable way to improve your chances in disputing inaccurately reported information in the Chex Systems Inc. database. Contact one of our specialists who will asset you in the entire process to file your dispute to be removed from the ChexSystems Database.

Client Reviews

  • Being in chexsystems stopped my business in it's tracks. I went through the chexsystems removal process and man was it effective. They cleared things I though would never go away.  
    Jay | Olympia WA
  • Being on ChexSystems ruined my financial life until I contacted Chexsystems Removals Department they help me get removed.
    Sarah | Burleson TX
  • The team at ChexSystems Removals was easy to work with, they didn't give me any fluff, or nonsense. They just working on getting me out of ChexSystems and most importantly, they were successful!
    Jason | Seattle WA
  • I wasn't able to open bank accounts for 2 years because someone had used my name and put me on ChexSystems. The ChexSystems Removals Department held my hand the whole way and got me removed fast.
    Emily | Grand Rapids MI